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Ages: 3 Years and Up
Item #: PUB7377300
  • Priced Individually in Carton Packs of: 24
  • Item #: PUB7377300
  • MFG#: 7377300
  • Carton Cube: 0.61
  • Carton WT in LBS: 25.6

Products priced per piece. Sold per carton pack only. Shepher reserves the right to round up or to round down to the nearest carton pack if your piece quantity number is not correct.


Once upon a time, a princess-to-be found herself far, far away from her prince. Follow Giselle from the magical world of Andalasia to the real world of New York City in eight Enchanted scenes. Think you're finished? Twirl to the back of the book for more Look & Find Challenges. Each page of the book features a unique Enchanted scene with a list of items to search for - can you find them all? UPC: 042799759288 


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